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Thank you Lorraine you were totally spot on with all my ailments. You picked up on my son Philip. I didn't recognise the picture but it brought lots of information. Totally amazing.

Gleny's Stockport.

Thanks Lorraine for my drawing and reading. I have to say it is extremely accurate. I am amazed with the reading it is so excellent. My friends are all keen to have a drawing/reading for themselves.

Rachel, Bradford

Thank you Lorraine, All your information and advise has been amazing. I have never seen anything like this before but feel lighter somehow as though I received some form of healing. Your knowledge of colour and how to use it is invaluable. I'm off to buy something yellow. Kindest regards Anne. xx

Anne, Flamborough.

My son has been teething on & off since he was 3 weeks old (still no teeth!) He would completely go off his food & I'd really struggle to feed him, along with this hunger strike he'd also go on nap strike & his right cheek would become very dry & scaly. I'd read a lot about the benefits of amber and lorraine was highly recommended for her teething pouches. I've been using the pouch for about a month now & the difference is immense! His dry, scaly cheek has disappeared, his appetite is the best it has ever been (feeding every 90 mins to 2hrs in the day) & mummy is very very happy & can stop worrying! Thank you so much lorraine I have recommended you to other mummy friends too xxx

Tara Bradford .

Wow! amazing reading. How can this be? The drawing appeared in seconds and had loads of information about my life. I felt truly guided. Then the painting another Wow! the colours connected with me in a healing way. I could see my granddad looking out at me . When I got it home and looked at it in different lights I could see many other faces. Unique and amazing thank you for the experience.

Mary , Leeds

I visited the leeds health and healing festival in July 2014. I was enjoying all the wonderful energy that you find in these places. The crystals and healers also the clairvoyants but I didn't expect to feel the way I did when I approached Drawings from heavens table. Lorraine had on display a painting she had produced in the knowledge that she would be exhibiting there and that it would connect with someone there. It was displayed in a small cabinet with led lights around it. I felt very emotional and very drawn to it. I kept walking away but was drawn back to it. I sat and looked for a while and could not believe I could see myself as if looking in a mirror. The face came out at me then went back in. I felt truly emotional. Lorraine gave me the painting. She knew the right person had connected with it.


I was at a spiritualist church in Doncaster where Lorraine was demonstrating her drawings. She then went on to display a painting she had brought with her which she had painted prior to the demonstration knowing it would connect with someone there. I immediately saw my dad. Lorraine said she knew this was the right person as I was saying look at his lips as our family are known for our full lips and mouths. This is what she had been saying all week about the man in the painting whilst it was with her. Thank you Lorraine this has made me so happy I am going to get the painting framed. My dad was called John and I am called Sam and both names were written on it with the word love. I am so glad I went that night thank you. xxxx



 T hank you so much for the wonderful drawing Lorraine. I am absolutely amazed at how accurate you are about my life and myself. You were right about the right side of my body especially the right kidney. I have cysts around both. Also the dizziness as I suffer with epilepsy. You gave me a song which brings back precious memories. The lady with 3 dogs is my grandma jones (in heaven) she had 3 westies. Ffion is welsh for Fiona and mike was my dad. Thank you again for the truly meaningful drawing I will treasure it always.

N.S Wales

Dear Lorraine, Thank you for the healing I received from you. Your gift is absolutely mind blowing. I was not expecting to receive the accurate information that you gave me. I saw my son Daniel in the drawing with his granddad. He sadly took his own life age 37. My world has been turned upside down since and I have been suffering from depression. I feel I received healing whilst sitting with you and can lift my head up knowing he reached the other side and is alright. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!

J. M Halifax.

I went to a psychic evening in a local pub where lorraine was working. I very nearly didn't go as I felt it was unlikely I would find what I was seeking. She produced a drawing or scribble to me. Then she started to read it. I was so shocked as she brought name after name and proof after proof. She told me there was little girl around me about 4 yrs old and the name Fran. My baby girl was stillborn 4 years ago and Francis is her middle name. That is all I went to hear and was not disappointed.

T hank You Lorraine.

Ellie, Pontefract.

Drawings From Heaven was recommended to me for the crystal pet healing pouches. My cat is quite anti -social and doesn't like being stroked or her dish and food to be touched. She is terrified of fireworks and as I was worried about her I decided to have a pet pouch made up. Lorraine kindly made the pouch up to match my requirements and I cannot believe the change in the cat. Not only did she hardly flinch with the fireworks but she is a calm, loving, affectionate, people friendly cat all of a sudden. What did you do lorraine?? Many Thanks I will recommend the pouches to all my pet loving friends.

Helen. Leeds.

I was at Urmston mind, body, spirit event on Sunday. I wasn't gong to go but changed my mind at the last minute. I was watching the workshops and talks etc when Lorraine came in to do a demonstration of Automatic Art. I was again going to leave at this point to go get a cuppa but my friend wanted to stay. Lorraine did the painting and displayed it to the audience and I felt very drawn to it. Straight away I could see my father. As lorraine was reading from it I found so many connections with it. The painting was blue which lorraine said brought her to the throat area. My father has suffered throat cancer. She then said the initial "J" She then gave me the painting. Thank you so much I am so glad I came I have gained so much from this.

Chris, Manchester.

WOW!!! I am reeling from the accuracy of this work. Even down to my private car registration. My sons names, the wedding, Spain. You new how I was feeling and gave wonderful guidance. Thank you and blessings.

G.W Leeds

I would like to recommend this wonderful lady and her spirit guides. Everything so spot on and wonderful positive guidance. You were right the aeroplane was coming to take me to London even though I wondered if I would ever travel again due to ill health. I arrived!!

P. Curasol.

O.M.G !! I tried Lorraine's reading as I am a beginner out on this journey. I was lost and quite down. She changed all that around and gave me the signs and leads which guided me to move forward. The reading was extremely accurate with all names connecting to me. The drawing was a miracle which I am still studying and seeing more and more in it. I can see my family here and in spirit in a cartoon form. LOVE THIS!!!


Lorraine attended a webinar/seminar for psychic art that I also attended as a student. She gave a lecture on her journey and held me captivated. She then demonstrated the painting. I am blown away at what I saw. Thank you Lorraine. Amazing Work.


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