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The picture above is the original painting which I could see lots of faces underneath it. When I scanned and printed this is what was under the paint. Many past lives all in rows.


Have you ever wondered why you are here? What is it all about and thought there has to be something more to this life. Have you said to yourself when something bad happens to you I must have been bad in a previous life? Have you experienced de ja vu when wondering around a town or an area? Have you felt an immediate connection with a person who you have never seen before?

All the above are our souls telling us there is more to life. Or you do have a life purpose. Yes Karma is playing it's part in this life. Yes you have lived in this area and you are connecting with a member of your soul group.

We are all souls having a human experience.

I believe we have had many past lives and that we are here to learn from and rectify mistakes we have made in other lives. It is all about ascension. It is a situation being presented to you that you have experienced time and again in previous lives and obviously do not remember until you are presented with it again. It is how you deal with it that changes things or repays the karma from the last time you were in this situation. Also learning that love is all there is and dealing with the situation in another way. We can also suffer on this earth with fears, anxiety and have problems with giving and receiving love all due to past life experiences.

Here are a few of my examples. I always had a knowledge of the real name of plants. My mum would say snapdragon and I would say Antirrhinum which would cause a few laughs. She would say carnation and I would say Dianthus. Also I had a natural skill of curtain making. I instinctively knew how to make swags and tails and opulent beautiful creations I also made roman blinds, Austrian blinds and could do anything with a sewing machine. Where did these gifts come from? We bring talents through with us.

I have always had a fear of the dark so much so I still sleep with a plug in light. During my development I was told to ask in meditation to be shown the reason for this. So I did this and was shown myself face down and drowning in mud left for dead in a very dark place. This was in the battle of Grantham in 1643 Oliver Cromwell days. So that is where the fear comes from.

Another time I asked to be shown why i was going through the trauma that was happening in my life. I asked this when I found myself stood over my ex-husband staring at him with the intention of seriously harming him. He had been unfaithful to me and had just pressed a self destruct button. I knew it wasn't me staring at him and the thoughts in my head were very out of character for me. I was shown a vision of my ex husband who was a glamorous woman sat on a bed in her lingerie. I knew there was a man stood at her side but couldn't see his face. Then a door opened and a man entered the room. I knew this was me and I caught my wife being unfaithful. I had flashes of a large knife. I woke from the meditation confused and asked Mary to write with me. (Mary is one of my guides and brings messages through. ) She gave me two names and dates also Scotland. I looked on google and found the names. I had murdered my wife for betrayal and hanged for this. So you see I had to relive this same life in a different era and when presented with the same situation I dealt with it in another way. Because of this I have changed my path and repaid a Karmic debt.

I believe my paintings contain your past lives. The drawings bring accurate proof of the afterlife. Such accurate information that I could not possibly know about you and in the same way the paintings are showing loved ones in spirit, pets, spirit guides and when you turn them you will see a very spiritual scene sent from spirit these can include an area for you to meditate with like a stream or waterfall. An archway which will lead you into a secret garden where you can sit and ask your guides to join you. A cave where you will find peace. But they also show you as though you are looking at a negative of a photograph, people that are often dressed in clothes from another era. Imagine if you relax and look and feel a connection with this scene. Then acknowledge and accept it as a part of you. You can ask your angels to step forward and put the scene onto a silver screen and dissolve it in a violet flame. Then ask that the ashes be transmuted into positive energy and sent as healing to anywhere in the world that it is needed like the animal kingdom. You will then be free from that past life and then watch your life change.