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This is a fertility bracelet and although the crystals chosen

are for fertility there are others with it that assist with your

mindset and how you think. Use a positive affirmation

every day and visualise the babe in your arms....

Crystal Healing

Affirmation Bracelets

This page is dedicated to crystal healing. I have a diploma in crystal healing and love to work with them. I intuitively know which crystals to use for any ailments or which colour is required to work with balancing the chakras.

The crystals have been used since time began and what our earth is made up of. So they are natural healers the same as herbs, plants and trees are. I programme them with Reiki healing for the purpose required.

I make bracelets up to meet each persons needs. They are totally unique and very pretty. People who have a bracelet made, notice a difference in themselves very quickly and miss it when they are not wearing it. If you want to attract love I would include Rose Quartz, if you are grieving a loved one or pet I would use Ruby and zoist. They can help with depression, low self worth, public speaking, dementia, diabetes, skin and every other problem you can think of. All bracelets arrive in a gift box with instructions and information cards which details each crystals healing property. They make beautiful gifts and show loved ones that you care.

To order a bracelet please go to pay pal button below. Once you have paid then send a message on the form on this page. Include your name, email address, name of person to receive the healing. What you would like the crystals to work on and what size. small, medium or large. I will post out to the address entered in pay pal

The cost of these are £15.00 +£1.00 p&p

PLEASE NOTE if you live outside the EU the postage cost is £5.00


I also make crystal healing pouches for people who cannot wear a bracelet i.e nurses or people suffering dementia. The pouch will Velcro over a bra strap. It will also Velcro over a nappy tab so can be filled with Amber and Rose Quartz to sooth your babies pain when teething. Men sometimes prefer to have the crystals in their pockets and a pouch is ideal.

Pets have chakra's too and can wear a pouch that will Velcro over a collar or can be placed under a bed where they sleep. These can be made up for any ailment like separation anxiety, stress, aggression, fear, diabetes, arthritis. They can help rescue pets to accept and receive love. Balance their chakra's and see the difference in them.

To order a pouch please go to the LOWER pay pal button. Once paid then send a message on the form on this page with your requirements. Please leave your name, email address, what you want the crystals to work on. The name of the person or pet to receive healing. Choose a colour, Red, White, or Black and state the size. S, M, L The price for a pouch is £10.00 + £1.00 p&p

PLEASE NOTE: if you live outside the EU postage is £5.00

Ground & protect yourself instantly by wearing this powerful bracelet.

It is made up of Hematite which grounds and protects the soul. Preventing negative energies from entering the aura. It also has Rainbow Obsidian which absorbs negative energy and draws off stress from the body. And last but not least Tiger Eye which was used as a talisman against ill wishing and curses. If you have been feeling drained, down, depressed, stuck, having trouble at work. or in a relationship then you might be absorbing negative energy. All crystals are cleansed of any energy. To order yours go to the paypal button below.

The price is £18.00 + P&P UK only.

When you have paid then send a message on the form on this page, leave your name etc and tell me If you want a S,M, L. 

Grounding bracelet

Above button for bracelets U.K

Healing pouch

Above button for pouches UK

crystal healing bracelet

Due to cost of postage use Above button (bracelets) if outside the EU

Crystal heal pet pouch

Above button for pet pouches if outside EU

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