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Automatic Writing.

What is this?

Automatic writing, painting or drawings are quite rare in the world of channelling. They are all spiritual gifts. They are a form of medium ship where information is channelled from our guides through us and onto paper. Often in a very fast manner and it doesn't involve any thoughts of our own. This is why it is hard to feel sure the information is not from your own mind. It is important to know who is writing through your arm. If you are going to try it be sure to ground and protect yourself beforehand as you are opening yourself up to the spirit world and much like the Tarot or ouija board you don't want to invite any lower energies to work through yourself. It is about trusting your guides and asking questions then receiving answers and proof. Then practice as much as you can. Eventually you get to know the character of the writing or drawings. I have received much proof from my guide Mary. She wrote her name and where she came from. When I typed the address into google I was shocked to see it. I was in a development group at this time and the lady who ran the group told me to ask in meditation to be shown a past life that would explain the current situation in my life. I was shown my ex husband as a glamorous woman about to have an affair. I walked in on them and caught them. I was shown a kitchen knife which kept flashing and then the vision ended. I then sat and wrote with Mary and had names, dates and a place in Scotland. When I keyed this into google I found a lot of the information there. Everything started to fall into place I realised that although I had hung for murdering my wife in a previous life I had broken the Karmic pattern by not doing it in this lifetime. ( Karma there lies another story.) I also wrote that my mum was suffering with bowel cancer and may was important. I was horrified to think that had come through my hand so I put it all away as I wouldn't wish that upon her and felt this wasn't good energy. A couple of weeks later I woke up having a clairvoyant moment I saw a lady walk past me. She walked into a room that wasn't there in my room, she leaned over as though she was going to be sick in the toilet. As she did this a seam opened up down her back and a big white ball gushed out as though it was in water followed by feathers and envelopes . The clairvoyance ended there. I scratched my head all morning wondering what on earth did I see and why. A few hours later I saw my mum arriving looking very agitated. She came to tell me she had bowel cancer and would be having an operation in may. Wow!!! You could have blown me over with a feather. It took me a while to understand the clairvoyance but I now know it meant a lady is coming with news (envelopes} she is sick and it concerns her lower back. The white ball was the cancer and the feathers meant spirit are all around her and supporting her. Thankfully my mum is doing very well. So thank you Mary for the amazing proof of the handwriting.

This is an original piece

of my automatic writing

when I felt brave enough

to ask questions.