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Automatic Paintings. See who is behind the paint.

Watch the video above to see my Trance 


Scan your paintings and see the hidden story. What lies under the paint? Is it a past life waiting to be healed?

  If you would like a painting that is produced on your vibration which is picked up from a photograph of you or from your email message and is so totally original it is like your thumb print and contains a message from spirit. It comes in the raw form and I interpret the colours used and what I see in the painting. I then send the painting and information to you by post. To order a painting size A4 go to the pay pal button at the bottom of this page. Then email me a photograph of you or send me a quick short message.  to [email protected]

  The cost of this is £35.00 +£1.50 p&p This price is for the painting only.

If you would like the painting and a mini reading, with pictures, scan and video of your painting under led lights. The price for this will be £70.00 plus p&p The painting will arrive by post and the rest via email.

Please note: if you live outside the EU the postage is £5.00 due to the cost of postage.

When it gets dark try putting a candle near it and see who shows themselves to you. These paintings are channelled from spirit to the paper when I tune into your energy. What is Automatic writing, Drawing, Painting? It is when spirit guides use us as a channel to bring information through. In the same way that a spiritual medium might see clairvoyantly or hear clairaudient the information for the recipient and describe what they see or hear. This way it is channelled onto paper. The paintings are simply watercolour paint and a sponge. I don't even choose the colours I use. I let spirit guide me to the colour they want. I spread the paint with no thought in my mind. (not letting my ego play a part.) It is very important to be passive when working in this way. I tap the paper to let spirit know they can join me. I am getting some fantastic results.

The paintings change with the light of day. Faces peer out then disappear. View from afar and turn them. I have seen pets in them, You may see your spirit guide, There has been Indians, angels, fairies. people report they have seen family in spirit, I have seen initials and numbers in them. I like to put them inside a box and just have candle light shimmering on them and they change all the time. Take the healing that spirit are sending you by placing it where you spend most of your time. You can also take a digital photo or a scan of the painting and see something totally hidden. To view more paintings go to my gallery page.


Below button for A4 painting only UK

A4 Spirit painting
A4 spirit painting

Above button for A4 painting only if outside EU