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The difference between a psychic and a medium

Posted on April 8, 2021 at 11:25 AM

Many people ask me what is the difference between a psychic and a medium..

There is a well known saying in the spiritual field and it is this, MOST MEDIUMS ARE PSYCHIC AS WELL BUT NOT ALL PSYCHICS ARE MEDIUM.

Lets look at the differences, A psychic works with your energy, they can usually sense your emotions because they are Empathic (sensitive) so if you are tearful they will probably be tearful too. They sense your fear, anxiety,happiness, sadness etc.. There are many ways that a psychic can work and they all work in different ways.. some will be able to read your Aura ( this is your energy field that covers your body) they will see it in colour and understand what is going on in your life from the different shades or holes that will be apparent where there is illness or a problem and some use tools such as crystal balls, tarot or oracle cards, runes, ribbons, this is called Divination..where they can pick up lots of information about and for you.

A medium can use all these tools and can also connect with the spirit world, our loved ones that have passed over can connect when the medium sits with you and is feeling your energy. They can then tune in and connect through theirs and your spirit guides, (energy in another dimension) Some mediums will see spirit.. this is called (Clairvoyance and means clear seeing) some may hear spirit.. this is called (clairaudient and means clear hearing) some may feel spirit...this is called (clairsentient which means clear feeling) some just know it and say it.....this is (claircognizant which means clear knowing) 

There are different types of medium, the most common is the mental medium who uses clairvoyance or Clairaudience. To be able to do this they have to learn to let go of their ego or control and allow spirit to work through them. They can connect with the spirit world and bring evidence of the afterlife via giving names, dates, what the person died of, street names...real evidence that they could not know. The role of the medium is not about bringing a past, present and future reading but to bring peace and healing and to get rid of the fear of dying by proving life is eternal..

Then there are the physical mediums who will allow spirit to fully take over their ego and become them...This is called Trance mediumship and the spirit will show themselves through the medium, this is usually carried out in a dark room with one dim red light.. Also a form of physical mediumship is Automatic writing, drawing or painting which is what i am able to do.. this is where we allow spirit to communicate through us..There is lots of information to be found on automatics and where spiritualism records began.. look up The Fox sisters and the Bangs sisters for more interesting stories. My automatic writing, drawing and painting is produced at any time, day or night and doesnt require special lighting.

We are all made up of energy and vibration, think about crystals,these are all growing underground and are what our planet is made up of.. they are all living things wich vibrate energy, they all have amazing healing properties and when used right can heal and change your life. Plants, trees are also massive healers, they are vibrating their energies and all plants have their healing properties... where would we be without the trees?? they produce Oxygen we wouldnt have a planet without them.

So to summarize this information... we are all energy and vibration but our lives are controlled from the moment we are born and we are taught not to use these natural gifts...but each and everyone of us are born psychic with amazing natural talents of healing... there may come a time in your life where your spiritual DNA activates and it is time to open up to who you truely are and what you are on this earth for.... not for the treadmill of life that we are taught.. you are literally born to die and what happens in between are all lessons...   

Your words and thoughts are a boomerang

Posted on May 11, 2020 at 2:50 PM


“Your words and thoughts are a boomerang.”

What are Affirmations? An affirmation is like a mantra it is something you repeatedly say and think to make your subconscious mind believe you are it, or you have it already. We need to realise that every word and thought we release will go out into the universe and manifest, then work its way back to us. Choose them carefully and make each one count.

I work as a psychic medium and artist and find that every person I read for are looking for answers of how they can manifest that perfect partner into their lives or how to manifest that perfect home, job, success, abundance, good health,

These people have usually tried the law of attraction and still failed to get what they want.

Well that can be because of universal timing as all things come in divine timing. Meaning that whatever you have tried to manifest might involve lots of other people being moved around for you to get what you want. For instance, you want to manifest the perfect partner, you wrote every detail down I hope? and did not miss anything out. This perfect partner might be living in an entirely different part of the world, they may have to end their relationship and leave their home to be in the perfect place to meet you!!

So that is where the divine timing comes in but also if you didn’t say at the end of what you desire,


which means that no other person gets hurt for you to have the person? Or whatever it is that you desire in your life.

You may have built up Karma for yourself.

To avoid the Build-up of karma:

Do the steps of the laws of attraction,

Always ask for the equivalent or better.

Always say at the end, under grace and in perfect ways.

Now back to the affirmations!

When you ask the universe for something you must get into the emotion of it, the feeling of already having it. Affirmations will help with this.

Our words and thoughts are everything because after all we are conscious creators and our conscious mind may well believe we have it, but our subconscious mind takes a lot more persuading due to blockages built up from our conditioning and that’s the one we have to win over.

For example: you may have a poverty mentality because you were brought up that way, you may have it instilled in you via your parents because these were their fears. Did you hear? Do you think I am made of money? Money does not grow on trees. Stop daydreaming...... and many more. you may not feel worthy of receiving abundance or love.

All these insecurities are deeply rooted and can be worked upon with affirmations. The best time to do the affirmation is before you fall asleep as this impresses the subconscious mind.

So how we word something is extremely important. When manifesting, do not say I want or need because the universe hears you and sends you more of the want and need, change the words to I DESIRE.

If you would like a tailored affirmation which is perfect for attracting what you desire, then visit my armchair exercise page..

Or for more bite size armchair exercises visit my website.

Please leave a comment and share so i can reach out to all others that are starting their spiritual journey.

Leave suggestions of what spiritual teachings that you would like me to blog about  next. 

 Lorraine Parkes

email – [email protected]