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 Hello my name is Lorraine Parkes and I am happy that you have found my website. Feel free to browse and look at the amazing drawings /paintings from spirit. They are a result of my wonderful spiritual journey. I do not have any artistic abilities. I read from your handwriting or a photo. These drawings are unique and contain lots of hidden messages. There are names, dates, initials, places and numbers to be found. This is known as automatic drawing and works the same way as automatic writing. A gift I am also extremely fortunate to have. lots of things appear days and weeks later that were not noticed at first. The drawings need to be viewed from afar and glanced at rather than look too hard at them. They also need to be turned around and upside down as many have more than one face blending together. They contain information about you which I have learnt to interpret. I am also showing in the gallery area my watercolour paintings. These appear in seconds and are produced using watercolour paint and a sponge. The faces and stories are appearing later. These are amazing and need to be demonstrated. When made digital I.E photographed or scanned you will see even more. See for yourselves in the gallery.

            I am starting to exhibit these amazing drawings and paintings at Mind, Body, Spirit events and will list on the events page future dates.

 I do need to add there are no guarantees who comes through for you and you may not recognise the face. But the information will be connected to you. Also that these readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Watch the video above to see Trance art.

Card Readings

Customers are always asking for general card readings as an option. My amazing drawings and paintings are quite deep and filled with lots of information... sometimes customers just want guidance and direction.. so I have decided to offer this as I can read them very easily and am very accurate with the help of my intuition which as you can see from my website that I am very able to tune into your energy. The card readings are done by  email and cost £25.00 to book yours go to the Shop/Card Reading page..